Vision Statement

The vision of the Seaton Elementary school counseling program is that all students understand the importance of their holistic development and are constantly striving to be lifelong learners and leaders. Every Seaton student is prepared to positively influence society and contribute to their communities.


The school counseling program at Seaton Elementary School delivers intentional, data-driven, multi-tiered interventions that are centered around holistic student growth. In practice we abide by the highest ethical standards and model equitable and anti-racist practices.

We strive to create a joyous and rigorous learning environment for students that involves consistent collaboration from other stakeholders like staff, family, and community members. The Seaton Elementary school counseling program helps all students become lifelong learners and leaders by engaging them in a comprehensive and nurturing school counseling experience.


  • All students should have access to a high-quality education
  • That school counselors and other staff members should constantly be striving to serve as equity-based advocates for the students and families of their school community.
  • All students deserve to be heard, loved, challenged, and prepared to grow and succeed
  • Learning continues outside the classroom and students should learn how to play an active role in their local communities
  • That nurturing ALL students social and emotional well-being will encourage holistic student development and future success
  • Parents, staff, and community members are all equal partners in student development and that they should be involved in the students’ educational journey

Services Offered

About the Bilingual School Counselor