Enrollment for SY 21-22

Enrollment for the next school year opened on Friday, April 2. All families planning to return to Seaton must re-enroll, including providing proof of DC residency. Ms. Daisy (gloria.torrento@k12.dc.gov) and Ms. Campbell-Hill (alicia.campbel@k12.dc.gov) are the enrollment leads at Seaton. You can reach out to them to ask questions. For enrollment, you will need supporting documentation: … Continue reading Enrollment for SY 21-22

Middle School Feasibility

Dear Center City MS feasibility study members,   The DCPS department of Facility Planning and Design would like to invite you to our 3rdand final community meeting of the Middle School Feasibility Study - Center City MS on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 from 5:00 to 6:00pm. In order to provide additional background information, we have posted the Q&A from our initial community meetings … Continue reading Middle School Feasibility

Virtual Schedules for SY 20-21

Check out your child's grade-level schedule below. Please keep in mind these key points: Morning Meeting, Foundational Literacy, 'Reading, Research, and Writing', Math Whole Group, Science, Social Studies and Inner Core Studies will all be live lessons via Microsoft Teams. Additionally, students will have at least 60 minutes of live small-group instruction each week.As we … Continue reading Virtual Schedules for SY 20-21

Technology/Material Pick-Up & Upcoming Family Engagement

August 19, 2020 Good Morning Seaton Families, As we prepare for our school year's virtual start, I wanted to share some important updates around technology, student materials, and family engagement opportunities. Our technology and material distribution days will occur on August 26th, 27th, and 28th from 10 AM to 3 PM.  On these days, families … Continue reading Technology/Material Pick-Up & Upcoming Family Engagement

August Letter to Seaton Families

August 2020                                                                                                Dear Seaton Families, We are so excited to be starting the school year in just a few short weeks. As you have heard, this school year will begin virtually; however, it will look much different from virtual learning in the spring. The list below highlights some of the key differences. Consistent Scheduling: There … Continue reading August Letter to Seaton Families