Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action

Beginning in Seattle in the Fall of 2016, the Black Lives Matter at School educational movement has informed educators in over 20 cities, including Washington, DC. Seaton has made the pledge this year to implement a schoolwide Black Lives Matter at School Plan of Action. We will use a comprehensive and developmental approach that informs staff and educates students. We hope to empower students to contribute to a community that thrives in all subject areas and beyond the school walls.  We will honor Black lives in our morning announcements, book read-alouds, math lessons, social-emotional activities, and more. 

Semana de acción de Black Lives Matter

Comenzando en Seattle en el otoño de 2016, el movimiento educativo Black Lives Matter at School ha informado a educadores en más de 20 ciudades, incluida Washington, DC. Seaton se ha comprometido este año a implementar un Plan de Acción de Black Lives Matter at School en toda la escuela. Utilizaremos un enfoque integral y de desarrollo que informe al personal y eduque a los estudiantes. Esperamos empoderar a los estudiantes para que contribuyan a una comunidad que prospere en todas las materias y más allá de las paredes de la escuela.  Honraremos las vidas negras en nuestros anuncios matutinos, lecturas de libros en voz alta, lecciones de matemáticas, actividades socioemocionales y más. 

How to talk to young children about the Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles By Laleña Garcia 

As we think about discussing big ideas with little people, we consider age-appropriate language so that our students or children can grasp the concepts we’re introducing and incorporate these ideas and language into their own thinking and conversation. See more. 

Guiding Principals at Seaton for BLM @ Schools Week

What’s happening at Seaton this week 

Monday – Restorative Justice, Empathy, Loving Engagement

Tuesday – Intergenerational, Black Families, Black Villages  👪🏿

Wednesday – Diversity and Globalism 🌎

Thursday – Trans-Affirming, Queer Affirming, and Collective Value  🏳️‍🌈

Friday – Centering Black Women and Unapologetically Black 👩🏿

Spirit Week @ Seaton Elementary for BLM Week

Literature/ Resources for all grade bands

Just click and enjoy! 

The links below the books are accompanying read aloud videos.

Use the images to see what books highlight the above BLM principles. 

Early Childhood (Pre-K 3 and 4) 

Julian Is A Mermaid 🏳️‍🌈 Black All Around 👩🏿 The New Small Person 👪🏿 When we say Black Lives Matter  
Bad Hair Does Not Exist Pelo Malo No Exist  🌎 Parker Looks Up 👩🏿 My Name is Celia Me Llamo es Celia 👩🏿 Lessons to explore: Teaching Consent:  Centering Empathy, Diversity, and Loving Engagement in Early Childhood  

Kindergarten -2nd grade 

Milo’s Museum 👪🏿 They Day You Begin 👩🏿 Calvin: Time to be me! Lesson Plan  🏳️‍🌈 Drum Dream Girl 🌎 
Bad Hair Does Not Exist Pelo Malo No Exist 🌎  My Name is Celia Me Llamo es Celia 👩🏿 When we say Black Lives Matter  Lessons to explore: Lesson Based on the Book ONE by Kathryn Otoshi Looking at Race and Racial Identity in Books  Different Colors of Beauty 

3rd –5th grade 

The Youngest Marcher 👩🏿 The Undefeated  Bad Hair Does Not Exist Pelo Malo No Exist 🌎  Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship and Freedom 🌎  
 Max Loves Muñecas! (Independent read) 🏳️‍🌈 Looking Like Me  👪🏿 What is: Black Lives Matter? (Available at Seaton’s library)    Lessons Plans: Different Colors of Beauty  Middle School Students Explain 13 Guiding Principles in American Sign Language Looking at Race and Racial Identity in Books  Understanding Prejudice Through Paper Plate Portraits 

Niña Bonita –  Spanish read aloud by Mr. Brower 

Watch this Spanish Read aloud by Mr. Brower reads a story in Spanish about a white rabbit who falls in love with a very dark skin girl and longs to discover her secret for being so dark and pretty.  

Listen to the recording here!


Black Lives Matter – coloring book 

Black Lives Matter (SP) – coloring book 

Learn Black American Sign Language 

Other resources 

Wee Nation Radio – Local kid’s radio station 

Black Owned Businesses in DC