Check out the PK learning from home packets. You can download them or pick them up at Seaton between 10Am and 2PM.

English here.

Espanol here.

Note to Families

This packet is being provided to families who may have difficulty accessing technology in the beginning of the school year.

Within this packet there are two options. Choose the option that works best for you, your family, and your child.

The first option is CHOICE BOARDS. There are four choice boards included in this packet. Each week pick one choice board and see how many of the simple activities you and your child con complete that week.

The second option is LEARNING MENUS. These menus allow you to choose activities that work for you and your child. The packet includes eight menus that support literacy and math. The activities can be repeated and visited more than once, allowing your child to gain deeper understanding each time the activity is completed. In addition to literacy and math activities, you are encouraged to track journal writing and outdoor play each week. Set a goal of completing at least three activities for each area each week.

In each activity you will notice that Learning Connections to GOLD are provided. GOLD is an ongoing assessment tool that we use in are prek classrooms. It allows for teachers and families to observe and track growth in 38 research-based objectives for development and learning.

Preparing for Success

To ensure that your child is successful learning from home experience we suggest that you set up a home routine and a special learning space. Suggestions and guidance are in this packet.