Dear Seaton Community,

Last week Mayor Muriel Bowser announced plans to invest money in schools to make critical repairs. The Seaton community was going to receive HVAC repairs from this additional funding.

Unfortunately, a Disapproval Resolution was filed against the reprogramming on Friday triggering the need for a vote, which is currently scheduled for Tuesday of this week.

To help us ensure this work moves forward, please reach out to our Councilmembers ASAP and express how important these projects are to you and our Seaton community.

Here is a sample of what your letter could say:

Dear Councilmember,

Seaton Elementary School is in dire need of repairs to its HVAC system. Our students are required to learn in an environment where maintenance teams are constantly present. We support Mayor Bowser’s plan to invest in over $70 million in schools like Seaton Elementary, and we are asking you to do the same.