When: Monday, October 30th, 3:30 (After Monday’s 1:30 Program in the Multi-Purpose Room)


What: Seaton’s 3-5 year olds will show off their array of lines and color as they proudly march in Seaton’s Serape Parade on Monday, October 30, at 3:00 p.m. in recognition of the ending observance of Hispanic Heritage Month. Seaton Pre-Kindergarten 3 and 4, and the Kindergarteners have explored the richness of Hispanic culture by designing and creating their colorfully vibrant serape and sombrero line designs. The Pre-K 3 students will sport the poncho with the slit in the center for the head to go through, and the Pre-K 4 students will feature the shoulder blanket style – serapes. In Latin-American culture, the serape features the weaving traditions of home-woven fabrics with a variety of lines. Take a look at these amazing serapes to see how many lines you recognize. In Art Class, these young artists learned to recognize and identify the zigzag, curved, broken, dotted, thin and thick lines in works of art and in their environment.  The Kindergarteners will show off their line designs through the creation of their sombrero. A sombrero is a broad-brimmed felt or straw hat, typically worn in Mexico and the Southwestern US. The sombrero is usually worn to shield one from the sun. Our students have enjoyed learning a little about the type of clothes that people of Latina or Hispanic decent wear.



In these pictures you can see the process of making serapes and sombreros. The students are both making art and able to talk about it!