Seaton’s Parent Teacher Organization holds a vote for president and vice president at its first meeting of the year, Thursday, Sept. 29.

Come show support for your candidates. We’ll also take nominations for write-in candidates at the meeting, which starts with a meet-and-greet at 5:30 p.m.

Thanks so much to these dedicated parents for stepping forward to serve!

Tunesia Plater Allston for President

tunesia_platerMy family came to Seaton in 2012 and my daughter Taylor was in second grade. The staff helped her to overcome a reading deficiency. I knew then Seaton was a special place. I now have a bright second grader and a budding PreK-4 student. The PTO has been doing an excellent job. It showed me the importance of being involved. Parent involvement is low at times. As a working mother of four I know what it’s like to feel overextended with both your time and finances. It can be overwhelming to be solicited for donations when you have financial constraints. It can also be intimidating at times. We have to find a median where we can be productive and still inclusive of all families. Parents should not feel like they can’t participate due to finances. As PTO president I would strive to increase parent involvement by initiating a parent service hour program. Increase visibility in the school by holding PTO Rodeos (a series of grade-level PTO meetings to engage parents and meet specific needs). The PTO should become a community partner by hosting events that address community needs that affect students. We can increase fundraising opportunities by hosting a variety of events that will interest families such as the Seaton PTO Family Cookbook, the Seaton Senior Pageant, bake sales and car washes. I would love the chance to serve as president.

Paul Rau for Vice President

I joined the Seaton family last year our son started PreK-3. My wife and I loved the school from the first time we stepped in the doors and our son loves it here, too. I see the PTO as a great vehicle to provide support to not only the students, but the amazing principal and hard-working staff. As vice president I will work with the PTO to push for more parent involvement at the school and work to form new partnerships and fundraising opportunities with the local business community.